We offers custom application development and full life-cycle design for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. Our cross-industry expertise and better understanding of business processes benefits our client’s needs of highly customized products and services.

E-Commerce management

This application is used to manage the buying and selling of goods and services, along with option of COD and payment gateways. These can be used for B2B or B2C processes.

complaints Management

This application is used to manage the complaints of users using ticket based system. It manages the responses exchanged with reference to the ticket(complaint) raised by user.

Parcel Tracking & Management

This application is used to manage the Parcel Tracking Management - In-House & Multiple Branch Courier Management Software. Modern courier management software provides parcel tracking technology which tells you exactly where your parcel location is along the route to its destination.

Gate Pass Management System

Gate Pass Management System to manage visitors in an office/society so they can monitor the visitors coming to their office. It can mainly used in premises where high security work is involved such as banking, commercial societies, etc

Fund Management System

Our Fund management system is exclusively for Real Estate Business. It maintains the records of customers who purchase properties, it maintains their payment patterns whether it is EMI based or Part Payment. The application maintains various types of reports that shows to the customers how much payment they have received and how much is due. It sends automatic reminders to client for their due EMI.