Website Development

We understand that a website is a necessity for every organization; it is a tool to empower every small, medium or large enterprise. In many sectors, website has been marked mandatory by government. At DECPL, we follow all the modern web standards and advisable accessibility modules in order to offer complete web development as a complete service. Our team members are well experienced in designing websites and making it useful for customers and to ensure that each project supports their ultimate experience goals. We coordinate with clients in each and every step of website development right from content creation to their photo shoots. We do not differentiate between the different web development platforms and languages.

Since a website should be both informative and attractive, we develop unique designs that are alluring to customers for their each and every project. Our designs are modern and beautiful to make a difference. As per the current market trends, our websites are fully responsive i.e. they will adjust according to the screen size whether it is your mobile phone or your laptop or desktop.

There are certain criteria which are termed as mandatory in all our websites:-

  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Page where visitor can connect to the website admin.
  • Captcha codes on all the forms to prevent bots or other automated programs from availing the bandwidth of website unnecessarily.
  • Genuine content for the website which is professionally written.
  • URL Rewriting

Cyber Attacks are growing with each passing day and it’s a standard problem that a website owner’s face. Website developed by us are safe and secured as we add unbreakable layer of security i.e. SSL Certificate and powerful security tool. It’s our consistent practice to specialize in website security right from the start.